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About Fitness Union Co.Ltd.

Fitness union company limited is a Saudi company AH number 1010628473 commercial registration specialized in importing sport equipment with the best quality, manufacturing and the cheaper price in kingdom. Considering that client satisfaction is a relation built on trust, We adopt the leadership slogan in quality, price and in Increasing our client efficiency in all sport fields in terms of best quality sport equipment and manufacturers. And this is what made us looking forward to cooperating with major international companies.

Our products

In its efforts of the union sports company limited in development and progress the company was able to get many of the world’s company as an agent of in the kingdom as “ schelde sports company, janssen fritsen company in netherland and patenverwag in Italy.


Our values

Maintain our core values of quality, integrity and excellence adamant commitment to health, safety and environment. an open relationship with our employees based on mutual trust, respect and success.

Our strategy

We are committed to make our clients our top priority also to ensure the completion of our projects based on highest and latest international standards. And working collectively with all divisions of the company and its subsidiaries. we looking forward to expanding our services to deliver solutions to meet our clients and market demands in KSA.

Fitness Union Co.Ltd

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Fitness Union Co.Ltd
Sports Equipments with best quality, manufacture and lowest prices in Saudi Arabia

working collectively with all divisions of the company and its subsidiaries.


Asaad Abdulaziz Al-Amer

General manager

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Executive Director




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Muhammad Hosny

Sales and Marketing Officer



Abdul Rahman Nabil

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